Eighteen years old out of Santa Clarita, California. The post Video Check Out: Carl Aikens appeared first on TransWorld SKATEboarding. more
Transmitting from North Carolina, filmer John Evans put together a great independent full-length video. Click though for a ripping montage of all the homies and a link to buy the whole enchilada. more
Fred Gall, Jason Spivey, Daniel Kim, Joseph Delgado, nearly a full part of Aaron Herrington, Chris Teta, Joel Meinholz, Billy McFeely and more! The post Elkin Raw Tapes Episode 8 appeared first on TransWorld SKATEboarding. more
Check out what's inside our newest issue! The post In This Issue: January/February 2018 appeared first on TransWorld SKATEboarding. more
SKATELINE: 01.23.2018
Sheckler gets broke off, P-Rod re-films some tricks, Jake Anderson goes pro and more in today's episode of Skateline. more
Duffman has put out some heavy-duty video parts, but this one from Foundation's 2007 full-length might be his best. Ben Kadow introduces a certified classic. Enjoy... more
Deep in the highest security labs of the Öctagon system headquarters, scientists from the Vans unit have been busy with a new confidential program. The post Öctagon/Vans, Codebase appeared first on TransWorld SKATEboarding. more
You know how people suggest you should dance like no one is watching? Well, this is how Dashawn Jordan and Ishod Wair skate, like, all the time. more
TJ Rogers tells you why he really likes how much the narrowness of the STF V3 wheel and how it helps him with his technical skating. more
CODEBASE: VANS Europe rounds off its collaboration with French brand ÖCTAGON by releasing a special video project set in the heart of Paris, France. The post Vans Europe x ÖCTAGON Presents: CODEBASE appeared first on Kingpin Magazine. more
Videographer Chris Mulhern has captured some amazing footage with the adidas team over the last few years. Here's a re-edit of some of his favorite tricks and clips from the three stripe's legendary squad. more
Brandon Burleigh is a terror to handrails in SoCal! You might remember him from our 50-50 contest last year where he was a finalist, and his banging photo in Online Sightings. Stay tuned for his Check Out coming up in our next mag. The Glen House video is heavy! Video: more
Click here to view the embedded video.Alex Olson discusses growing up in Santa Monica/Malibu CA, his dad Steve Olson, being un-schooled, getting flowed by Black Label, Toy Machine, Foundation, Jason Dill asking him to get boards from Alien Workshop, getting on Lakai & Girl Skateboards, almost getting on Gravis Footwear, more
Click here to view the embedded video.Featuring Miles Silvas in the heart of the Koreatown neighborhood of Los Angeles, “One Stop” is a five-minute, one-take line of Silvas spanning over seven city blocks. more
Click here to view the embedded video.In January 2013, Lewis Marnell passed away from complications with diabetes. It's been five years since Lewis left us. This clip honors and celebrates the life of the Australian legend. more
Click here to view the embedded video.As sub-zero temperatures hit the states and elsewhere across the globe this January, HUF taps Australian-based Butter Goods for some southern hemisphere heat to produce a very rare and ‘extremely successful international business' collaboration. Founded in 2008, Butter Goods represents an eclectic mix of counter-cultural more
Everything you wanted to know about Alex Olson, from growing up un-schooled all the way up to starting his own companies. The post Alex Olson on The Nine Club appeared first on Kingpin Magazine. more
Jim Greco, Lizard King, Tom Penny, Spencer Hamilton, Oscar Candon, Dane Vaughn, Clint Walker, and Sascha Daley in Europe The post #WeAreSupra European Tour appeared first on Kingpin Magazine. more
Stephen Lawyer approaches the bench to try and make his dream trick come true. What's your #DreamTrick? more
Curtiss Rowe always comes prepared with a pair of Jordans, some Yeezys, and an extra "S"—because you can't spell "skate" without it. more