On July 8th, 2017 RDS / Red Dragon Apparel held a best trick contest at their newly constructed Barrier skate spot. Enjoy. more
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King of the Road Season 2: Episode 7
Samarria gets spiffy. Andy Mac attacks and Gravette's chug ends with a shocking surprise. Watch it now (U.S. only.) Free webisodes worldwide on Tuesday! more
What are the requirements for having a trick “on lock”? Well, let's just say that it's a variation on the classic wisdom: “Buy low, sell high.” You start small and gradually move on up to the biggest rail in the park, all in one session. Kelvin Hoefler does just that more
You've been patiently awaiting for your fair share of flare. The wait is over. Starting next Thursday (7/27/17) we've got so much flare prepared you won't know what do do with yourself. more
So many clips are lost forever in the black hole of Instagram's infinite scroll. "Liked" once and forgotten. Double Tapped is our way of slowing down the ever-growing feed, allowing you to properly reflect on the week's best. Tag @berrics and hashtag #BerricsDoubleTapped on your Instavids for a chance to more
Come see 20 years of Burnout's favorite Thrasher photos, Sat. July 22nd at Escapist in Kansas City 7-10 with the Vans team. more
Hailing From the gnarled streets of Fortaleza-CE in Brazil, Lucas hit the sun-kissed streets of SoCal to add the cherry on top of this heavy serving of street rippage. With greats like Luan Oliveira and Carlos Ribeiro backing you, and an insane ender, the streets have no chance. more
Tomorrow, we add a new Recruit to the ranks. more
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Janwaar Castle—a completely crowdfunded skatepark in India—is sending three of its locals to Europe for a cultural exchange/skate sesh. Sujin, Arun, and Ramkesh are raring to expand their horizons—and you can help them realize their dream. Find out more at the Janwaar Castle website. more