Wow, it's like these guys arrive in every town and say "Take us to your gnarliest spots." Not a lot of mild skating here; terrain just gets crushed. Featuring Leo Romero, Dakota Servold, James Hardy, David Reyes and Cairo Foster.Read More... more
This rough bank slide didn't last long but the sidewalk impact wasn't much better.Read More... more
Since there are only so many pages in the print publication, we present you with the World's Best Roadtrip bonus web feature.Read More... more
Here's Victor adapting to natural street terrain and having fun.Read More... more
Vox welcomes Danny Dicola to their team with this rad clip of him skating Prince park.Read More... more
Come celebrate 20 years of Chocolate in LA tomorrow night.Read More... more
A well-liked Bay Area skater and friend, Bahram Morid, is battling a serious illness. He decided to throw a skate pool party to celebrate his friends and life.Read More... more
Skateboarding has always had its share of female rippers, but the new crop of ladies is taking things to the next level. If this doesn't get you hyped then you may as well be dead.Read More... more
The buzz behind this part has been building like crazy. There's rumors of kick-ass, creative, hilarious and rad skating—all from one dude. We're looking forward to this one.Read More... more
Omar Hassan gives you a little background about the course for this weeks Van Doren Invitational in Huntington Beach.Read More... more
The Bad Girls of Bowl do battle at the HB Van Doren invitational. Read More... more
They broke themselves off stacking clips for their epic tour vid (premiering here tomorrow), and yet they still had enough juice to stomp around D-Rock. Here's Servold, Reyes, Romero, Cairo, and Hardy.Read More... more
From a ponytail Make-A-Wish brat to full time 18 gnarzone. Raney Beres talks Skate Rock, slams, and well... it's on.Read More... more
Check out all of the new gear from Hard Times in their Fall catalog.Read More... more
Here is Danny's precision ledge magician skills. He didn't invent the nollie heelflip but he sure adapted it in ground-breaking new ways. Jordan Sanchez introduces a classic part from 2002.Read More... more
Rodney Mullen, Leo Romero, Curren Caples, longest manual and more in today's episode of Skateline.Read More... more
Diamond opened up a new park in Los Angeles and people are hyped. Check out some of the ripping from opening day.Read More... more
A big part of skate photography is having photos turn out nothing like you expected. Some of these are deliberate and some are dreadful.Read More... more
Arrighi doesn't have to strong-arm his own team to ask questions. They have nowhere to run as they get grilled about all sorts of embarrassing stuff.Read More... more
Daniel "Malky" Malkovich races around town smashing whatever lays in front of him in this clip from OJ wheels.Read More... more
J-Hon Slave Interview
Ben Horton interviewed Slave photographer and former SLAP contributor J-Hon, and collected some of his photos in anticipation of his upcoming board series. Ben Horton interviewed Slave photographer and former SLAP contributor J-Hon, and collected some of his photos in anticipation of his upcoming board series. Check it out more
Swanski x Lakai Echelon Launch And Live Art
Lakai is hosting a live painting exhibition by Swanski at Port Long Beach in celebration of his upcoming Echelon line. Click for details and check it out if you're in the area this Thursday! Lakai is hosting a live painting exhibition by Swanski at Port Long Beach in celebration more
Joey Larock For Studio
Studio has some groovy summer clips courtesy of Joey Larock. See more at Studio. Joey Larock for Studio from Studio Skateboards on Vimeo. more
Todd Francis Look Away Release Tour
Todd Francis's new book Look Away is now available and he's going on tour to promote it, starting tomorrow in Costa Mesa. Click for details on how to order and where to catch Todd on tour. Order Look Away here, and see more from Todd here!   More dates: June 19, 2014 at more
Diamonds And The Rough By Fos
Kingswell in Los Angeles is hosting Fos's first American art show this Saturday. Click for details.   Check out the show if you can! And while on Heroin, check out our interview with Tom Day from a while back if you missed it. more
35th North Photo Show
Seattle pals 35th North are hosting a photo show starting this weekend. Click for details. more
Static 4 NYC Premier Tomorrow
The most anticipated indie video in years finally premiers tomorrow in NYC! Click for more details. The concluding chapter to Josh Stewart's revered Static series premiers tomorrow in NYC at 10pm at the Sunshine Cinema at 143 E. Houston. Tickets are first come, first serve, so show up more
Canadian darling Adam Bos and friends (and brother) bring you Headroom, a short and sweet masterpiece of stylish ripping, weird spots, and lo-fi fetishism. Check it out! You don't want to miss Joshua Bos's ender. HEADROOM (FULL VIDEO) from Adam Bos on Vimeo. more
Chris Melvin For Studio
Studio Skateboards brings you this nice clip of Chris Melvin demonstrating his clean style in the dirty streets. See more at Studio. more
Stoops Magazine
Eby Ghafarian and Allen Ying, friends of SLAP, are working to create an NYC-centric print mag and would like your help with fundraising/pre-orders. Watch this video and check out their Kickstarter page to find out how to contribute and reserve a copy! Click here to learn more and contribute! more
The only thing better than free food is a free contest with free food, and Airwaves Skateworks is making it happen on August 16th at the East Peoria Skatepark! more
From the spot to the shot, this photo’s all around appealing and ultimately the perfect way to bring in our 90th Photo of the Week. Jared Collazo: Ollie Photo: Ricky Aponte. Location: Springfield, MA. Looking to get involved? Send your photos over to with a width of 1000px. Make sure to include the more
Montage Mondays is one of my favorite features simply because it allows us to highlight what’s going on in different scenes around the East Coast once a week, every week. This week focuses on Albany’s scene with a ten minute montage featuring a slew of dudes! Silent Partners Vol. 1 more
You can tell that this spot is on the East Coast from the building alone. You won’t find spots or buildings like this on the West Coast, nor will you find too many guys with a smoother back tail than Shane Carter. Shane Carter: Back Tail Photo: Alex Papke. Location: Pittsburgh, more
James Coleman has been one of our favorites for a little bit. It’s hard not to like somebody when they’re comin’ out hard with style like his. James’ part from Incognito is heavy and available for your viewing pleasure down below! more
Shrimp, Eggs, brews and Boston. Michael Cirelli kicked it in the city for a day with a gang of killers. If you’re anything like us, you’ll be rewinding the video a few times just to clarify that your eyes weren’t fooling you with some of these tricks… A Day in more
As the first project released within the A League—adidas’ product collaboration vehicle honoring its special relationships within skateboarding—this co-branded collection pays homage to adidas’ long-standing alliance with Primitive dating back to when the influential retailer first opened doors on Encino, California’s Ventura Boulevard in 2008. Since its opening day, Primitive more
“Wait, that was switch?” was my reaction to Jon Spitzer when he showed me this photo. Yeah, that was switch… Charlie Cassidy has a switch flip nicer than most people’s Kickflips! I’m super hyped to call this shot this week’s Photo of the Week! - Stephen Oliveira Charlie Cassidy: Switch more
The post 10 Brazilians that came out of nowhere and killed the game. appeared first on Kingpin Magazine. more
The post Van Doren Invitational 2014: Huntington Beach Women’s Finals with Nora Vasconcellos, Lizzie Armanto and more. appeared first on Kingpin Magazine. more
The post Welcome to Huntington Beach: the story behind the Van Doren Invitational (old Marseille comp footage) appeared first on Kingpin Magazine. more
The Tiltmode Army boys are back with this distressing DIY spot edit. Witness mass destruction of what would appear to be one very fun DIY concrete complex. The crustier the better! Expect shreddery from Jason Adams, Caswell Berry, Jon Nguyen, Darryl Angel, Jon Choi, Jose Rojo and so many more. The more
Gabriel Engelke and buddy Vincent Guillermin embark on a camping skate trip starting off in Trieste, Italy and eventually ending up in Athens, Greece. The trip takes the two on a visually amazing journey down through the Balkan Mountains where they encounter a stunning range of skate spots, people and more
The post Olivier “Tavu” Ente Noorder Light remix part appeared first on Kingpin Magazine. more
The post OJ Wheels: Who The F#ck is Daniel Malkovich (full part) appeared first on Kingpin Magazine. more
The post Sweet Skateboards in Germany and Austria with Gustav Tonnessen, Anton Myhrvold and more. appeared first on Kingpin Magazine. more
The post “WHIPLASH” Brisbane montage with Tommy Fynn, Dennis Durrant and more. appeared first on Kingpin Magazine. more
Photo: Gorm Ashurst After more than a year in the making, on August 9th, House of Vans London opens its doors. Spread across five tunnels and nestled beneath London’s Waterloo Station, the opening weekend will see the space come to life with a series of live gigs, screenings, inspirational talks, exhibitions and of course, more
Marc Johnson, Rick McCrank, Stevie Perez, Rick Howard, Jon Sciano. The post Lakai Canada Stupor Tour appeared first on Transworld Skateboarding. more
This weekend is the Van Doren Invitational. For an idea of what goes down, check these out. The post Oliver Barton’s Top 5 YouTubes of the Week: Van Doren Invitational appeared first on Transworld Skateboarding. more
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