This is a kick-ass re-interpretation of an already-amazing part with a song that keeps perfectly building to the edit. There's new angles and outtakes as well. Jim's legacy speaks for itself.Read More... more
Sugarcane roll-in! This one is really unique. Chris is one tough kid and he gets an amazing make after a couple of bone-crushing slams. Read More... more
Collin, Gonzo and Louie head for this hills and strike skate spot gold.Read More... more
Dolan Stearns addresses some hard hitting questions about slams and mega ramps in this 5&5 for Independent trucks.Read More... more
Check out the new "Color of Women" pro series from Foundation here.Read More... more
Zoo York proudly presents the Love-O collection. Available in skate shops worldwide now.Read More... more
Kilian Zhender and Fernando Bramsmark rip the park and then JP the Tech Titan demonstrates his insane precision flick, including an ender that makes the whole crew go wild.Read More... more
Manderson and friends skate the incredible, otherworldly Big Sky, Montana. Plus, you have to see the ditch these guys skate at the end. What a blast.Read More... more
Kicky melons, sweet leaf, techno-Americana - nothing is off limits when Jaws rides shotgun.Read More... more
Sorry about the delay but here's a cheers to D-Way for his 40th Bday from the Phelper and Cardiel!Read More... more
Grant Taylor gets gnarly in Buffalo for this clip from Nike. Watch it here.Read More... more
Rev’d Provision Co. announced today that Willis Kimbel has joined their skate family.Read More... more
Check out the new Vans pro classics colorways for Daniel Luteran and Ray Barbee.Read More... more
Kyle Walker sat down to talk to Vans about his In Color part and what it's like to live through an Oklahoma tornado.Read More... more
Jeff Grosso's Loveletters to skateboarding are coming back on May 17th. Check out the teaser here.Read More... more
Gullwing takes you behind the scenes of Frankie Hill's latest ad. Watch the video here.Read More... more
Outtakes, slams, insane makes, swerving citizen heroes: here's reckless youth and natural talent blending together for another Shep Dawgs part. This guy is so good.Read More... more
Gary addresses the new Jaws part in Happy Medium 3, Mike Mo's board control, P-Rod's new Primitive Skateboards, and he finds a conspiracy within Walker Ryan's footage in China.Read More... more
A little bank to ledge is just what the Volcom team needs to get loose in Colombia.Read More... more
One of the big surprises last year was how Jim blew away most people's already-high expectations with his Deathwish part. A sick re-mix drops this Thursday.Read More... more
Canadian darling Adam Bos and friends (and brother) bring you Headroom, a short and sweet masterpiece of stylish ripping, weird spots, and lo-fi fetishism. Check it out! You don't want to miss Joshua Bos's ender. HEADROOM (FULL VIDEO) from Adam Bos on Vimeo. more
Chris Melvin For Studio
Studio Skateboards brings you this nice clip of Chris Melvin demonstrating his clean style in the dirty streets. See more at Studio. more
Stoops Magazine
Eby Ghafarian and Allen Ying, friends of SLAP, are working to create an NYC-centric print mag and would like your help with fundraising/pre-orders. Watch this video and check out their Kickstarter page to find out how to contribute and reserve a copy! Click here to learn more and contribute! more
Snack All City Showdown Chicago
Our friends at Snack had a productive day in Chicago with Uprise. See more at Snack. more
Silas SLR
Check out the edit for the release of the new "Silas SLR" shoe. Get the new shoe and other SLR gear over at Adidas. more
Brotherhood Board Shop : For the hood
New video "For the hood" from Brotherhood Board Shop Several years in the making, this video features the skateboarding talents of Sonoma Counties finest boardsmen. Although the video primarily features Brotherhood Board Shop team riders it also features many of our friends and extended family as well. The original vision was more
Joe Gavin In Snake Eyes Die
Our friends at Mudo would like to acquaint you with Manchester renaissance man Joe Gavin via this interview and video part. Check out to read and see more. more
Special Crud
Todd Francis and Yong-Ki Chang have teamed up on a new clothing company out of Equal Distribution. Check it out! Todd Francis and Yong-Ki Chang have teamed up on a new clothing company out of Equal Distribution. Check it out! more
In The UK With Tom Day Plus Video Nasty Part
Isaac Mckay-Randozzi recently sat down at very distant computers with Heroin's Video Nasty standout Tom Day. Click to read the interview, featuring photography by Joel Peck and Tom's Video Nasty part. Interview by Isaac Mckay-Randozzi. Photography by Joel Peck. With an ability to do tech tricks with a Marc Johnson-esque smoothness and transition more
Prize Fighter Cutlery Photo Wheels
Prize Fighter Cutlery has a new photo graphic series including wheels by SLAP contributor Isaac Mckay-Randozzi, Ray Knives, and Colin Sussingham. Prize Fighter Cutlery has a new photo graphic series including wheels by SLAP contributor Isaac Mckay-Randozzi, Ray Knives, and Colin Sussingham. Check more
Click here to view the embedded video.Following up his new ‘A Far Walk From Home’ part Walker Ryan comes through with some new unseen footage and another look at his massive switch tre flip for the newest “Knows” clip on the New Thunder 149II’s. Check out the new clip and more
Click here to view the embedded video.Looking to hear some insight of what were considered some of the most influential skate teams ever? Wondering whether or not backyard pools should be kept secret or blown out? Is skating an artform? Which pro skaters have kids who are also pro skaters? more
Click here to view the embedded video.In this week’s AWC Chris sits down Vans’ latest addition to the am team, Real Skateboards’ hot shot Kyle Walker, to discuss his Volcom Thrasher Exclusive “In Color” part and learn what it’s like to live through an Oklahoma tornado. more
Sidewalk Mag's Point of Interest Episode 1: Malaga a Skateboarding video by Sidewalk Ducking out of the British wintertime just before Christmas 2013, Harry Lintell, Barney Page, Nick Remon, Mark Baines, Nicky Howells and Korahn Gayle head to Malaga for Sidewalk Mag’s first ‘Point of Interest’ edit. more
Click here to view the embedded video.Last Saturday the S’Klallam Tribe in Washington State, joined by pro skateboarders Ryan Sheckler and David Reyes, unveiled their new skatepark with a ceremony and tribal feast for hundreds of Native Americans. This is the first skatepark on the reservation, and it was more
Click here to view the embedded video.Woodward at Copper is proud to announce and welcome pro skateboarder Chad Bartie as their host at skate camp this summer. He will be on site for Week #6, July 20-July 26, 2014. See what it is like for yourself in this more
more_BryanONeill.jpg" alt="EXP_Dresden_Boulden_nosemanual_Baltimore_BryanONeill" width="600" height="411" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-11591" />
Photographers, like skateboarders, are a dime a dozen. Exposed is our way of shining light on some of the East Coast’s finest photographers. Inside each feature will be a brief selection of the featured photographer’s work. Without further ado, we bring you Bryan O’Neill. Dresden Boulden – Nose Manual Ian Smith more
Travis Glover has been one of our favorite guys for a while. With the way he’s just chilling through this kink rail, why shouldn’t he be? Travis Glover: Front Board. Photo: Brandon Gasaway. Location: Unknown. Looking to get involved? Send your photos over to with a width of 1000px. Make sure to include more
If you live in Florida, are looking for something to do on May 31st, and like skateboards, beer, art, or any combination of the three, then the Behind the Board art show at Orlando’s Spacebar is the place for you! Enjoy the work of eight artists all while enjoying a more
Isn’t it crazy how far skateparks have come? So many parks out there today resemble some of the best street spots you could ever wish to encounter, all one in, smooth-grounded location. The Lakeland skatepark in Lakeland, Florida is one of those parks. Enjoy a short montage from Justin Santiago more
The two city names alone, “Pittsburgh and DC”, let you know that this part is bound to a good one. Sit back as some of Pittsburgh’s finest show you what the city is made of, right before Bobby Worrest and a few friends damage DC. more
Knock on Wood is holding it down for Tennessee with their new video, Timber! Edited by Ramon Hess. Filmed by Emmanuel Perez. Add’l Filming by Ramon Hess, Josh Shupe, Chris Gleason, Ryan Alvarado, Clint Strosnider, Tosh Rice. Animation by Patrick McInerney. Timber. from Knock On Wood on Vimeo. more
Words: Jordan Garland. Photos: Brian Stewart. “Detroit mayor sentenced to 28 years in federal prison.” “City of Detroit, bankrupt.” “Detroit loses X-Games bid to Austin.” These are just a few topics making headline news about the City of Detroit in the last year or so. Grim statements to say the very least. In a city more
Bonelesses on street spots are one of those tricks where you either love ‘em or you hate ‘em. Jason Sherman’s bringing one that’s pretty hard to hate… Jason Sherman: Boneless. Photo: Mike Heikkila. Location: Manhattan, NYC. Looking to get involved? Send your photos over to with a width of 1000px. Make sure to more
Starring Levi Brown, Tom Karangelov, Tom Knox, PJ Ladd, Arto Saari, Tyler... The post New Balance Numeric ‘Pinnytown’ appeared first on Transworld Skateboarding. more
He forgets his board on the way to the park. He ends up riding his friend’s cruiser... The post Evolution of My Ride: Danny Dicola appeared first on Transworld Skateboarding. more
In preparation of our Minneapolis C.U.T. stop, here's a photographer who's well versed in... The post Proof Sheet: Alex Uncapher appeared first on Transworld Skateboarding. more
Cheers again to Mr. Daewon Song for posting yet another insane Instagram video. The post Daewon Song’s #almostcraziesttrick appeared first on Transworld Skateboarding. more
first-ever Red Bull Curb Kings taking place outside at San Diego’s historic... The post Red Bull Curb Kings San Diego April 27 appeared first on Transworld Skateboarding. more
Already a legend at a young age Chima has long been a CCS staff favorite for his seemingly... The post CCS Welcomes Chima Ferguson appeared first on Transworld Skateboarding. more