Great new video from our friends in Germany that do TRAP Skateboards. The post TRAP Skateboards: Postcard appeared first on TransWorld SKATEboarding. more
Last stop for the Vans demo demolishers and Chima, Matt B, Dan Lu and the boys go out with a bang! more
Get familiar with Cory Foster. This part is buck! The post Cory Foster Inequality Part appeared first on TransWorld SKATEboarding. more
VPS Hanna Zanzi
After a seven year hiatus from skateboarding, Hanna Zanzi emerged as a powerhouse of surprise at the Vans Park Series Womens Global Qualifier in Huntington Beach yesterday. Nose boned frontside airs, blunts to nose bash fakies, high speed tail slides finger flip disasters over the spine and more were nailed more
Revisit 2011's SB Chronicles, Vol. 1. The post Stefan Janoski | SB Chronicles, Vol. I | Commentary appeared first on TransWorld SKATEboarding. more
Click here to view the embedded video.For anyone that didn't have a chance to head into their local skate shop this past weekend to watch Peter Hewitt's new part, it's now live and on fire! more
The compilation of all the New World Element episodes in Europe, Brazil, Japan and Australia. The post New World Element Full Video appeared first on TransWorld SKATEboarding. more
15 Dew Tour victories?! That's not something everyone can claim. Congrats to Ryan Sheckler on yet another Dew Tour victory. The post Dew Tour 2016 Highlights: Ryan Sheckler appeared first on TransWorld SKATEboarding. more
Vans Park Series: Let's Hear It For The Girls!
The competition gets tougher every year and this year's events was the heaviest yet. These ladies shred! Check out some photos here. more
From established pros to the young bucks making waves, filmer Sam Chao documents heavy hammer drops throughout the Bay Area. This montage goes hard. more
Vans Park Series: Huntington Beach Women's Winning Runs
The women's finals went off at the Vans Park Series yesterday. Congrats to Hanna Zanzi for taking home the gold. Check out the top three runs here. more
Every day skateboarders travel to Barcelona with one goal in mind: film and hit as many spots as possible. What does that mean for the locals? Well, it's harder to stand out than you think. But for Ignacio Morata, it's just another reason to go even harder. We gave Ignacio a more
Literally, it's impossible to watch Kyle Walker skate and not get inspired. He makes handrail surfing look easy, while certainly the circus-length of these grinds solidify him as a master of balance. Bottom line, you just can't help but wish you could skate like Kyle. Get stoked because you're about more
Local Barcelona filmer Liam Searle, enlists Jesus Fernandez, Manolo Robles, Cristian Vannella, Ignacio Morata, Jonas Daater, Alberto Velazquez, Daniel Lebron, Larelle Gray, Cristian Delgado, and Marek Zaprazny for what he calls: "The Paral-lel video that has not been made." We're glad Liam made it happen, because with new obstacles and more
The C1RCA team will be hitting the road though the Southwest in August. Check the dates here. more
Stefan Janoski discussing his part in SB Chronicles Vol. 1 - learning nollie cabs at the spot, slams, and finishing your part with a line. The post Stefan Janoski: SB Chronicles Vol. 1 Commentary appeared first on Kingpin Magazine. more
Another exceptional skate even looming on the horizon: The Dime glory Challenge in Montreal. The post Dime Glory Challenge appeared first on Kingpin Magazine. more
2Backpacks: A fresh Leon Rudolph edit with Danny Sommerfeld, Jonas Hess and many more. The post 2Backpacks With Sommerfeld & Hess appeared first on Kingpin Magazine. more
Jereme Rogers' new music video for AIW - pretty crazy how much of a circus American skateboarding is at times. The post Jereme Rogers has a new music video appeared first on Kingpin Magazine. more